Engineering scholarship

IET India Scholarship Award 2024

About: IET India instituted the annual IET Scholarship Awards in 2013 to underline the organisation’s commitment to India’s engineering community. The aim was to incentivise young people entering the engineering and technology profession. After a successful run from 2013-2016, IET India Scholarship Award was re-launched in 2021 in a digital format. Amount : Rs.3,00,000 Last […]

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LTI Mindtree Samruddha Scholarship

◆ Scholarship Amount / Benefits:- Rs.20,000 /-◆ Last Date:- 29 January 2024 ◆ About Scholarship:-LTI Mindtree Samudra scholarship is provided by Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited company. LTI Mindtree Samudra scholarship is given to students studying in BCA,B.E./B.Tech,BCS,BSc Computer Science courses. This scholarship will provide aspirant students with the right opportunity to pursue their goals

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प्रोटीन ई-गर्व्ह स्कॉलरशिप

◆ शिष्यवृत्तीची रक्कम:- 30000 ◆ अर्ज करण्याची शेवटची तारीख :- 11 जानेवारी 2024 ◆ शिष्यवृत्ती बद्दल:-कोणत्याही अभियांत्रिकी अभ्यासक्रमात शिकणाऱ्या विद्यार्थ्यांना ही शिष्यवृत्ती Protean e-Gov कंपनीकडून दिली जाते. विद्यार्थ्यांना प्रत्येक वर्षी 30000 पर्यंत शिष्यवृत्ती मिळेल. ◆ पात्र अभ्यासक्रम – B.E./B.Tech. ◆ पात्रता निकष:-1) अभियांत्रिकी शाखेच्या वर्षात शिकणारे आणि मागील शैक्षणिक वर्षात किमान 60% आणि त्याहून अधिक

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◆ About Scholarship:-The objective of LIC Golden Jublee Scholarship is awarded to meritorious students belonging to Economically Weaker Sections so as to provide them with better opportunities for higher education and employment. LIC Golden Jublee Scholarship is to be awarded for studies in India in a Government or Private college/university. It will also cover technical


nirankari rajmata scholarship

निरंकारी राजमाता शिष्यवृत्ती

◆ शिष्यवृत्तीची रक्कम / लाभ:- शिष्यवृत्ती रु. 75,000/- प्रति वर्ष ◆ अर्ज करण्याची शेवटची तारीख :- ३० नोव्हेंबर २०२३ ◆ पात्र अभ्यासक्रम :- ◆ पात्रता निकष:- 1) ज्या विद्यार्थ्यांनी बारावीच्या परीक्षेत किमान 90% गुण मिळवले आणि पात्र अभ्यासक्रम विभागात नमूद केलेल्या कोणत्याही अभ्यासक्रमाच्या पहिल्या वर्षात प्रवेश मिळवला ते निरंकारी राजमाता शिष्यवृत्तीसाठी पात्र आहेत. २) ज्या

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nirankari rajmata scholarship

Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship

◆ Scholarship  Amount / Benifits:-  Scholarship Upto Rs. 75,000/- per year ◆ Last Date for Application :-  30th November 2023 ◆ Eligible Courses :- ◆ Eligibility Criteria:- 1) Students who secured minimum 90% marks in Class XII of the examination & secured admission in first year of any courses mentioned in eligible courses section are

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reliance foundation scholarship

रिलायन्स फाउंडेशन शिष्यवृत्ती

◆ रिलायन्स फाउंडेश शिष्यवृत्ती बद्दल:- ही शिष्यवृत्ती रिलायन्स फाऊंडेशनने पदवीपूर्व  अभ्यासक्रमाच्या प्रथम वर्षात शिकणाऱ्या विद्यार्थ्यांकरीता  सुरू केली आहे. यावर्षी एकूण ५००० विद्यार्थ्यांना २ लाख रुपयांपर्यंतची शिष्यवृत्ती मिळणार आहे. ◆ अंतिम मुदत:- १५ ऑक्टोबर २०२३ १५ ऑक्टोबर २०२३ ◆ शिष्यवृत्तीची रक्कम / फायदे: – 2 लाख रुपयांपर्यंत शिष्यवृत्ती. सॉफ्ट-कौशल्य प्रशिक्षण आणि कार्यशाळा, माजी विद्यार्थ्यांच्या नेटवर्कद्वारे नेटवर्किंगच्या

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Reliance Foundation Scholarship

Reliance Foundation Scholarship

About Scholarship:- This scholarship is started by reliance foundation to students studying in First year of Undergraduate courses. This year total 5000 students will get up to 2 lakh rupees scholarship. ◆ Deadline:  15th October 2023 ◆ Scholarship amount / Benifits: – Scholarship up to 2 Lakhs Rupees. soft-skills trainings and workshops, networking opportunities through

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Wagh Bakri Scholarship

Wagh Bakri Scholarship

◆ Last Date :- 30th September 2023 ◆ Scholarship Amount / Benifits:-For B.E/B.Tech course – ₹ 40,000/-For Diploma – ₹ 20,000/-For B.Ed – ₹ 25,000/-For ANM/GNM – ₹ 20,000/-For B.Sc Nursing – ₹ 30,000/-For BAMS/BDS/BHMS – ₹ 50,000/-For MBBS – ₹ 75,000/- ◆ About Scholarship:-This scholarship Is started by Wagh Bakri foundation. Students from Gujrat

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