◆ The Bankly Scholarship ◆

◆ About Scolarship:-
The Bankly Scholarship is thus awarded to researchers, students, or former students at Nordic as well as foreign educational institutions. We potentially place significant emphasis on possible research purposes, but all current and former students who are going on a stay abroad, working on, or planning a project / dissertation should apply for the scholarship

● Scholarship Structure
The Bankly Scholarship’s applicants should consist of people who want financial support for:

• Research projects
• Exchange stay or internship
• Projects or dissertations
• People with chronic illnesses who need financial support
• Dissemination of research or project results

● Eligibility Criteria:-
1) You must be at least 16 years old
2) You must study, be an exchange student or have previously studied at a Nordic or foreign educational institution, folk high school or course

● How to apply?
• You apply by sending a cover letter, in which you describe why you want the scholarship, as well as a confirmation of enrollment (if you’re still studying) by filling out the form by clicking “Apply”. If you wish, you may include any diplomas or letters of recommendation, but this is not a requirement.

• Link For Application :-

• All applicants will receive a written reply in November.

● Benefit :-
The Scholarship amounts to 6,500 kr. (52,353.68 Indian Rupee)

● Contact :-
Address :- Kristianiagade 1,
2100 København Ø,
CVR no: 39513102, Denmark
Phone :- +45 70 60 65 66
Email :- info@bankly.dk
Website Link :- https://bankly.dk/studielegat

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