Sakal India Foundation Scholarship

◆ Scholarship Amount:-₹ 75,000

◆ Last Date for Application:– 30th June 2021

◆ About Scholarahip:-
With a view of helping students to go abroad for higher studies, students have been selected on all India basis and interest free Loan Scholarships have been offered to them irrespective of cast, creed, language, religion and region. Recently the facility of interest free Loan Scholarships has been extended to students pursuing research leading to Ph.D. in India.

◆ Eligibility Criteria and Terms & Condition :-
1) The Sakal India Foundation offers educational interest free Loan Scholarships upto Rs. 75,000/- to Indian graduates of any university who propose to study for Post-graduate degree abroad or studies leading to Ph.D. in India. In addition every year the Sakal Papers Trust Scholarship of Rs.10,000/- ( non – refundable ) will be awarded to the deserving student pursuing postgraduate studies in Journalism in an institution in India or abroad.
2) To be eligible for the interest free Loan Scholarship an applicant must have secured admission to an Indian / abroad University for academic study of not less than one year’s duration. Similarly, the applicant must have valid registration for doing research leading to Ph.D in a statutory university / national institute / institute of equivalent standing in India from two years prior to the date of application for the Scholarship.
3) The interest free Loan Scholarship is repayable without interest within a period of two years from the date of sanction. If the awardee exceeds this period, he / she will have to pay interest on the amount then due at the rate of 12% per annum from the date of sanction till its entire repayment.
4) A student who is already admitted to a Foreign University / Institution and who is studying there for some time is considered not eligible to apply.
5) Selected students are required to sign an agreement bond on Rs. 500/- stamp paper agreeing to repay the amount of interest free Loan Scholarship within a period of two years.
6)The agreement bond will have to be signed by two guarantors who will undertake to repay the amount of the interest free Loan Scholarship in case the student is unable to do so for any reason. The two guarantors will have to confirm independently by writing to the Sakal India Foundation that they have signed the bond.
7) The amount of Loan Scholarship will be paid directly to the awardee.
8) The foundation doesn’t give any financial assistance to a scholar who proposes to attend conferences or seminars or workshops or training programmes in India / abroad.
9) It is expected that every scholar keeps the Sakal India Foundation informed of his / her academic progress from time to time and that the scholar will return to India to give benefit of advanced knowledge and experience to fellow countrymen. Further it would be appreciated if the awardee on his own, donates the amount equal to the interest free Loan Scholarship as and when it is possible in future.

◆ Contact Information:-
1) Address-
Plot No. 27, N. T. Wadi, Near Sakhar Sankul Shivajinagar, Pune- 411005.
2) Phone: 020 – 66262174
Phone: 020 – 25602100 (Ext. – 174)
Timing : Monday – Saturday 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM
3) Email Id:,

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