Tommy Davidovic Scholarship

◆ Tommy Davidovic AB is one of Sweden’s leading companies in coaching and mental training. We are passionate about increasing knowledge in our industry. Now we want to reward a student who has contributed new knowledge to our subject area.

◆ Last date to apply:- 30 September 2021.

◆ Scholarship Amount:– SEK 10,000.

◆ Who can apply?
1) The scholarship can be applied for by you who wrote a C- or D-thesis at a college or university in Sweden during the past academic year.
2) The scholarship is given to the best essay in the subject area of ​​sports psychology.
3) The essay may but does not have to be about any of the areas Tommy Davidovic is active in, ie coaching, mental training or team coaching.
4) Authors of essays that touch on sports psychology or performance psychology from a broader perspective are equally welcome to apply.

◆ How much is the scholarship worth?
The scholarship amounts to SEK 10,000. If there are several of you who wrote the essay, the winning amount is divided equally between you as the author of the essay.

◆ How to apply?
1) Send your finished essay to . (for essays made during the academic year 2020/2021).
2) In the application you state:
Name Surname_
Higher education_
Brief summary of what your essay is about and what you have come to.

◆ How is the winner chosen?
The winner is chosen by Tommy Davidovic. Tommy will nominate the essay that he deems best contributed with new knowledge in sports psychology and mental training. The essays are judged holistically, where creativity, innovation and a well-written, solid job pay off.
The winner will be announced no later than November 30, 2021. The decision cannot be appealed.

◆ Contact:-

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