◆ SATB Media Fellowship ◆

◆ Fellowship Amount / Benifits:- RS 25,000

◆ Last Date:- 10 JUNE 2022

◆ Fellowship Period :-
5 to 7 weeks ( 20TH JUNE TO 5TH AUGUST 2022 )

◆ About Fellowship:-
The purpose of this fellowship is to provide the selected media fellow with a platform and incentive to cover and share stories around the given topics, in order to highlight the importance of patient led narratives, and to understand community centric challenges and solutions to the same. This Media Fellowship aims for the fellow to highlight through their work (stories) the suggested issues in Maharashtra in a broad and critical manner and bring out stories of poverty and under-nutrition, and stigma, and how these have impacted lives of TB affected individuals and families within community and health care settings.
Survivors Against TB are looking for comprehensive, well-reported, detailed stories, social media outputs highlighting one of these topics. Survivors Against TB are particularly interested in stories which highlight local issues. Survivors Against TB are also interested in those which highlight solutions to these challenges, stories of survival and overcoming, and solutions to the challenges. The Fellowship is open to one print and/or digital media (text/ video) journalist- from the Hindi/ Marathi media.

◆ Fellowship Topics :-
The fellow is expected to write and publish minimum Four stories in print or Digital media on below mentioned subjects during fellowship.
1 Impact of Covid-19 on TB Services in Maharashtra
2 TB stigma in Maharashtra
3 Under Nutrition, Nikshay Poshan Yojana & TB

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