Hon’ble Shri. Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship In Education

Fellowship Amount :- Annually 60,000/- (Rupees Sixty thousand only)

 ◆ Last Date:- 12 October 2022

About Fellowship:-  

Duration of Fellowship:- April 2023 to April 2024

Eligibility Criteria:-

1) Teachers working in schools and junior colleges in Maharashtra , who are regular teachers and who are engaged in extra-curricular activities that involve student participation and develop throughout the year are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

2) Teachers aged 45 years or below are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Fellowship Timeline :-

– Online Form Submission – 12th August 2022 to 12th October 2022

– Announcement of Fellowship Result – 11 November 2022

– Fellowship Award Ceremony Program – December 11, 2022

– Fellowship First Workshop – 21, 22, 23 April 2023

– Project Visits – 15th August to 30th August 2023

– Fellowship 2nd Workshop – 18,19,20 November 2023

– Third Workshop and Presentation of Project Report – 26, 27, 28 April 2024

Procedure to Apply for Fellowship :-

1) Teachers should apply online at https://apply.sharadpawarfellowship.com

2) The teachers who wish to apply for the fellowship are expected to write about 1000 words of information about the “Educational Transformation Initiative” they will undertake for the fellowship in Marathi or English based on the points mentioned below and attach it with the application.

2.1 Title of the Activity

2.2 Need for the initiative, Why did you choose the initiative?

2.3 Significance of the initiative

2.4 Innovation and uniqueness of the initiative different from the government scheme but complementary to the government schemes

2.5 Has the teacher made any innovations before?

2.6 Have you mentioned any innovations to the government or other organization before?

2.7 Is your innovation registered? If so to what level

– District level

– State level

– National level

2.8 Tools and facilities required for the activity

2.9 Approximately how many days will your activity last?

Schedule your activity

3.1 Arrangements for monitoring the performance of the initiative

3.4 Budget for the Activity

3.5 Schedule for Activities

4. If you are already running the activity you are proposing, please attach details (photographs, videos, hard evaluation etc.) along with the application.

Note:- Only non-transferable teachers in the academic year 2023-24 should apply for the fellowship.

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Contact Details:-

Yogesh Kudale

Field Coordinator, Education Development Forum, Yashwantrao Chavan Centre, Jan. Jagannathrao Bhosle Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021

E-mail ID : yashdeepkudale@gmail.com

Phone No : 93707 99791