kalaari capital fellowship

◆ Fellowship Amount:- 18 lakh per Annum

◆ About kalaari capital fellowship:-
This fellowship is started by Kalaari Venture Capital to develop future leaders in the venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Students will get the opportunity to work on Investment Analysis, Research, Portfolio Support, Marketing & Community

◆Who Can Apply For Fellowship:-
There is no ideal background that is required for you to apply for the Kalaari Fellowship. kalaari capital encourage candidates to apply irrespective of candidates background. Ideal candidates have up to 4 years of professional experience.

◆ Fellowship Location:- Bangalore

◆ Fellowship Period :- Two Years

◆ Fellowship Timeline:-
Cycle 1 Application Submission Deadline- 9th July 2023
Cycle 2 Application Submission Deadline- 31st July 2023
Case Study Submission- 1st to 31st May 2023
Technical Interview – 1st – 28th Sep 2023
Culture Interview – 1st-31st Oct 2023
Offer Roll out- 1st to 5th November 2023
Fellowship Start- January 2024

◆ Link for Online Application

◆ Link For Online Application :-

◆ To Know more about scholarships click below link:-

◆ Contact Details:-
Email- fellowship@kalaari.com