JM Sethia Merit Scholarship

● About Scholarship:
This scheme started from 1997. This is an individual applicable scheme. Students who passed this academic year is applicable.

● Amount/Benefits of Scholarship:
Category A – Rs. 400/- P.M. for two years.
Category B- Rs. 500/- P.M. for two years.
Category C – Rs. 600/- P.M. for two or three years as applicable.
Category D – Rs. 700/- P.M. for two or three years as applicable.
Category P- Rs. 1000/- P.M. for two or three years as applicable.

● Last Date:
31st July 2023

● Eligibility Criteria:
1) Scholarship can be availed for students enrolled for full-time courses only.
CATEGORIES : Category A – for doing 9th – 10th class course.
Category B- for doing 11th – 12th class course.
Category C – for doing Graduation course.
Category D – for doing Post-graduate course.
Category P- for doing Professional course.
2) The maximum percentage to apply is 50 to 75%
3) 20% Scholarships in each category are reserved for :
I. Special Category – handicapped
II. Excellence extra-curricular activities like sports, NCC ‘B’ certificate holder debating, dramatics & social services.
III. Economically weaker section – of those students, whose parents Annual Income is not more than Rs. 1,20,000/- (Rupees One lac twenty thousand only)Minimum
qualifying percentage need not apply to them.

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● Contact Details
16, Ganesh Chandra Avenue
Kolkata – 700013, West Bengal, INDIA.
Phone: +91-33-4040 1300
(M): +91 9339793153
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