◆ Fellowship Amount / Benefits:-
1) Opportunity for exposure to rural India and NGOs working on rural issues
2) Capacity building for conducting research and advance knowledge
3) Fieldwork and Research Report writing experience
4) NFI will cover all travel, food and accommodation expenses.
5) A stipend of Rs. 20,000 will be paid to the intern upon completion of the research report.

Positions : Up to 50 internships will be provided to students across India

◆ About Fellowship:-
The National Foundation for India (NFI) has launched the Abhijit Sen Rural Internship programme for undergraduate and post-graduate students. The internship is named after Prof. Abhijit Sen, a renowned development economist, policymaker, and academician, who played a significant role in framing key social protection laws in India. The programme aims to sensitize students towards rural challenges and promote rigorous academic scholarship. The 45-day internship will allow students to visit rural areas, interact with the local community, and conduct small surveys, interviews, and focused group discussions on various aspects of the rural economy. The research report produced by the interns will be guided by a panel of experts and will be disseminated widely among NGOs and policymakers.

◆ Last Date:- 21st May, 2023
◆ Final selection– 15th June, 2023
◆ Induction and field work– 25th June-5th August, 2023

◆ Fellowship Period :– 45 Days

◆ Field Locations:
o Chhattisgarh,
o Jharkhand,
o Madhya Pradesh,
o Odisha,
o Gujarat,
o Rajasthan
o Maharashtra

1) Students pursuing undergraduate/post-graduate courses from any Indian public university/college/technical educational institution.

◆Selection Process:
1) Written application and final in-person interview Women students and students from Dalit, Adivasi, Tribal and minority communities are encouraged to apply.
2) Applications will be accepted only through the online application available on the website. Last date for application is 21st May, 2023, Sunday by midnight

◆ Link for more information:-

◆ Link for Online Application:-

◆ Contact Details:-
Email- internship@nfi.org.in