Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Scholarship (for higher education abroad)

◆ Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Scholarship (for higher education abroad) ◆

◆ Scholarship Amount / Benefits: –

– Full amount of university tuition fee

– The annual subsistence fund for education in the United States is 15,400 US dollars. Dollars and 9900 pounds for education in England

– Visa fees

– Cost of economy class air travel for the student to get admission in foreign universities and return to India after completing the course.

– Personal health insurance costs

– 15,000 USD for education in the US for contingency funds (books, study tours, workshop participation, dissertation typing & binding). Dollars and 1100 pounds for education in England

◆ Last date: – 22nd June 2022

◆ About Scholarship: –

Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Scholarships are awarded to students belonging to Scheduled Castes and Neo-Buddhists in Maharashtra through the Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance, Government of Maharashtra. The scholarship is awarded for pursuing postgraduate degree, postgraduate diploma (PG Diploma) as well as PHD.

◆ Scholarship period

PhD – Four years or The actual duration of course which is less

Post Graduate Degree – Three years or The actual duration of course which is less

Post Graduate Diploma-   Two years or The actual duration of course which is less

◆ Age limit: –

Post Graduate Degree or Diploma – Maximum 35 years

PHD – 40 years maximum

◆Educational Qualification: –

1) Students enrolled for postgraduate degree or post graduate diploma course from abroad should have passed the degree examination with at least 55% marks from recognized universities in India.

2) Students admitted for PhD course should have passed the post graduate examination with at least 55% marks from recognized universities in India.

◆ Eligible Courses: –

Post Graduate Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, Post Graduation Diploma, Post Graduation and Phd In Arts, Commerce, Science, Management, Law courses, Engineering, Architecture and Pharmacy.

◆ Eligibility Criteria: –

1) Candidate and candidate’s parents or guardians should be citizens of India as well as residents of the state of Maharashtra.

2) Only students enrolled in foreign colleges or universities who’s are within  QS Ranking 300 are eligible for this scholarship.

3) If the candidate’s parents / family and the candidate is employed, the combined annual family income of the previous year (2021-2022) should not exceed Rs. 6 lakhs.

4) On May 1, the age of the candidate should not be more than 35 years for post graduate degree, post graduate degree course and 40 years for PhD course.

5) This scholarship is for students of Scheduled Castes, Neo-Buddhist category in Maharashtra only.

◆ Documents required: –

The student is required to submit the following documents along with the application. :

1) Application in prescribed format.

2) Caste certificate and caste validity certificate issued by competent office bearers.

3) Proof of income.

4) Proof of passing  Graduation degree / post graduate degree  examination. (Degree Certificate / Mark list).

5) Unconditional offer letter regarding admission in an abroad  educational institution who’s QS ranking in world is less than 300.

6) Copy of detailed information sheet of the university in which you have been admitted.

7) Necessary agreements and guarantees.

8) Bail of two Indian nationals.

9) If the student or parent or both are employed or other family members are employed, their income tax return, Form no. 16, and it will be necessary for the competent authority (not less than the rank of Tehsildar or Deputy Tehsildar) to submit the aggregate income certificate of all the income received by the family member for  the previous financial year, for other students It will be necessary to submit aggregate income certificate of income received by all means.

10) If there is no minimum period of course mentioned on the offer letter then Attach  certificate of  university  on which Minimum duration of course mentioned.

11) If you want to get admission for medical course, then required Evidence of recognition by Indian Medical Sciences to that educational institution and course.

12. Letter of Academic Overseas Educational Institution, which should contain complete information of the course of admission, details of structure (details key structure), course stages, duration of the course and scholarships and other benefits.

13. Estimates of annual expenses abroad (tuition fees, living and meal expenses,

Estimates of required expenses like books, stationery dissertation, study tour, etc.) should be certified by the head of the educational institution.

14. A full copy of the prospectus of the foreign university. Also attach Program Hand Book hard copy with application. Do not e-mail.

15. QS World University Ranking  list

16. Certificate of being a resident of the State of Maharashtra,

( Domicile Certificate )

17. Ration Card / Aadhar Card / Copy of Voting Identity Card and Light Bill / Telephone Bill for Proof of Home Address

18. Copy of passport

19. A 250 word essay in English on the purpose for which one wants to go abroad for education,

20. Proof of passing the required examination like GRE / TOFEL/IELTS / GMAT etc.,

◆ Important:-

1) Only one student from a family can avail of this scholarship.

2) Students enrolled for Executive Post Graduate Degree or Executive Post Graduate Diploma and Part time courses will not be eligible for this scheme.

3) For the medical course, the student will be admitted in a foreign university, the university and the course must be approved by the Indian Council of Life Sciences (ICMR).

4) First, second and third year students who have been admitted or admitted in a foreign educational institution can apply for the scholarship; However, second and third year students will not receive a scholarship for the completed course period.

5) Students who have already availed the benefit of the scheme for completing postgraduate course abroad under foreign scholarship from the government, will also be eligible to apply for PhD course.

◆ How to apply: –

Offline Procedure

Download the application form link given below and send the completed application along with the documents by post to the address “Government of Maharashtra Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance, Commissionerate of Social Welfare, 3 Church Path, Pune-411001” or go to the address and submit it by yourself.

◆ Link to download application:


◆ Link to download QS ranking list: –


◆ Link for downloading Scholarship Information Booklet: –


◆ Contact details: –

Address: Government of Maharashtra, Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance, Commissionerate of Social Welfare, 3 Church Path, Pune-411001


Telephone no. 020-26127569 / 26137986