Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Research Fellowship

◆  About Fellowship: –

Under this scheme, financial assistance will be provided for five years to the candidates of Other Backward Classes (OBCs), Deprived Castes, Nomadic Tribes, and Special Backward Classes in Maharashtra who are doing full-time and regular Ph.D. in any subject in any recognized University / College / Institution in India.

◆ Applicants: – student who is doing Ph.D

◆ Fellowship amount: – 31,000 per month

◆  Last date to apply: – 30 June 2022

◆ Eligibility Criteria:

1. Candidate should be a resident of Maharashtra as well as other Backward Classes (OBC), Deprived Castes, Nomadic Tribes, and Special Backward Classes.

2. The candidate should be from a non-criminal layer group of income.

3. Candidate should have passed the Post Graduate Examination through a recognized University / College / Institution.

4. Candidate should be registered with a recognized university/college/institution in India to pursue a Ph.D. degree course. An unregistered person will not be eligible to apply for the benefits of the scheme.

5. Candidates who are already receiving financial assistance or scholarships from the University Grants Commission / other supporting institutions/colleges/institutions/government for holding a Ph.D. degree will not be eligible for the benefit of this scheme. (In case of misuse of information, appropriate action will be taken)

6. Students who have been sanctioned financial assistance from Sarathi will not be eligible for this scheme.

7. If the candidate is self-employed in any form of full-time or part-time employment while pursuing his Ph.D. or is receiving any kind of financial assistance/honorarium/scholarship, then such candidate will not be eligible to avail the benefit of this scheme.

8) Candidates who have obtained the letter of Confirmation for a Ph.D. by registering for a Ph.D. in a recognized University / Institute / College from 1st January 2021 till the last date of application are eligible to avail of the benefit of this Fellowship.

9) Candidate must have received a letter from RRC / RAC approving the subject.

10) Candidates whose admission is only provisional will not be eligible to apply.

◆ Documents required for application: –

1. Candidate’s Aadhar Card

2. Candidate’s PAN card

3. Residence certificate of the candidate

4. Caste certificate of the candidate

5. Candidate’s a valid noncriminal certificate

6. Candidate’s 10th passing mark sheet and certificate

7. Candidate’s 12th passing mark sheet and certificate

8. Candidate’s degree examination pass mark certificate

9. Candidate’s Post Graduate Examination Pass Sheet and Certificate

10. Candidate’s NET / SET / PET / M.Phil examination pass mark and certificate (It is mandatory to give information about the examination on the basis of which admission has been obtained for Ph.D.). Receipt of admission for Ph.D. by the candidate. Guide Allotment Letter to the Candidate

13. Guide Acceptance Letter

14. Letter of approval given to the candidate by RAC / RRC for the research project

15. Candidate’s Ph.D. Registration Confirmation Letter

16. RAC / RRC Approved Research Synopsis – With Candidates, Guides and RRC Approved Signatures (Research Synopsis)

17. Research Center Allotment letter

18. Research Center Joining Report

19. Joint Certificate of Guide and Head of Research Center (in prescribed format)

20. Disability Certificate (if any)

21. Proof of change of name (Change in Name Gazzette) (if any)

22. Cancelled Check

23. Affidavit certified by the Magistrate on stamp paper of Rs.500 / – for non-employment or self-employment and non-receipt of scholarship.

◆ Important: –

1. Certificate of Approval – The beneficiary should submit the Certificate of Appointment of University / Institution / College (jointly signed by the Head of Guide and Research Center) along with all other required documents to Mahajyoti.

2. Half Yearly Progress Report – The beneficiary is required to submit a research progress report every 6 months from the date of registration.

3. Extension Certificate – If the University / College / Institution has granted an extension for Ph.D. The letter must be submitted.

4. Attendance Certificate – It is mandatory to get the attendance certificate certified by the guide.

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Mobile: 8956775376, 8956775377, 8956775378, 8956775379, 8956775380

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