● Government of Maharashtra Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Scholarship for Foreign Education ●

● About Scholarship: –
Applications are invited from the Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance of the Government of Maharashtra for the selection of foreign scholarships for higher education abroad for students belonging to Scheduled Caste, Neo-Buddhist category. Scholarships for Scheduled Caste Boys and Girls for Study in Abroad for Year 2021-2022.

●Terms and Conditions of Scholarship: –
1) Student from Scheduled Caste, Neo-Buddhist should be a resident of Maharashtra.
2) Applicant’s family annual income should not more than 6 lakhs.
3) Students in the top 100 universities in the world rankings and in the London School of Economics are not subject to income limit.
4) The maximum age limit will be 35 years for postgraduate courses and 40 years for PhD.
5) First, second and third year students who have been admitted in a foreign educational institution can apply for the scholarship; However, second and third year student will not receive scholarships for the completed course period.
6) Under the Foreign Scholarship Scheme, MBA course of two years duration will be allowed.
7) For medical course, the student will be admitted to a foreign university and the course must be approved by the Indian Council of Life Sciences (ICMR).
8) Students who have been admitted to a foreign educational institution or university should have a World University Rank within 300.
9) Students who have earlier availed the benefit of the scheme for completing postgraduate courses abroad under foreign scholarships from the government will also be eligible to apply for PhD courses.

● Benefits of Scholarship: –
1) Scholarship holders will get the full amount of University Tuition Fee as well as Other Fees implemented under the Government’s National Overseas Scholarship Scheme (a) Health Insurance and (b) Visa Fees.
2) Annual Subsistence Allowance for Students to study in US $15,400 while the in United Kingdom for Pound 9900 will be given.

3) Students will be paid Economy Class air travel ticket to get admission in a foreign university and return to India after completing the course.
4) As a contingency fee, $1,500 will be provided for students to study in the United States and other countries, while in the United Kingdom £1,100 will be paid for this. This includes books, study tours and other expenses.

◆ Method of application: –
Download the application form from the website https://www.maharashtra.gov.in/1143/Careers and complete it along with the required documents by 14/06/2022 till 6.00 pm at swfs.applications.2122@gmail.com By sending a hard copy by mail to the Commissionerate of Social Welfare, 3. Presented at Church Road, Pune 411001.

◆ Important
Considering the worldwide outbreak of the contagious disease Covid 19, the government reserves the right to cancel the advertisement of the scheme without any reason and to postpone the selection / admission process. Also, in the near future, if there is an increase in the income limit of the parents’ family under the scheme, and to make necessary changes in the advertisement accordingly. The government reserves the right to do so and to call for re-application.
Visit the following website for application form and more detailed information. (A) Click on this link employment at www.maharashtra.gov.in.

◆ Documents required: –
The student is required to submit the following documents along with the application. :
(i) Complete application in the prescribed format
(i) Caste Certificate and Caste Validity Certificate issued by the competent authority.
(ii) Proof of income issued by the competent authority.
(iv) Proof of passing the degree / post graduate examination. (Charter / Mark List),
(v) Unconditional offer letter regarding admission in an educational institution with less than 300 QS World Ranking.
(vi) Copy of Prospectus of the University to which admission has been granted.
(vi) Necessary agreements and guarantees.
(vii) Bail of two Indian nationals.
(ix) Letters of recommendation from two Gazetted Officers,
(x) Estimates of year-wise expenditure required for completion of the entire course, including tuition fees, examination fees, other fees, textbooks, stationery, meals and accommodation expenses, round trip flights.

● Contact details: –
1) Address: Government of Maharashtra Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance,
Commissionerate of Social Welfare, 3 Church Path, Pune-411001
2) E-mail: fs.directorsw@gmail.com
3) Telephone no. 020-26127569 / 26137986

35 thoughts on “● Government of Maharashtra Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Scholarship for Foreign Education ●”

  1. Hi sir mamm
    My name is rani muneshwar…I want to study in abroad…but I m belonging to low income categories…so can I apply this scholership..

  2. Hello Respected Authorities,
    My self Janvhi, I belong to SC category, I want to study abroad, currently I’m a final year student, when should I fill up the form ?

    1. Hello Janhvi,

      Please check the Terms and conditions of respected scholarship. If you are eligible you can apply for it by following step which is given in scholarship.

      Thank you
      Team Maxima

    2. मी डी. एल. एड शिक्षण घेते तर माझी घरची परिस्थिती नाजूक आहे यासाठी मला याची गरज आहे.

      1. कृपया शिष्यवृत्ती योजनेतील पात्रता यादी एकदा तपासून घ्या. आपण पात्र असल्यास आपणास सदर शिष्यवृत्ती प्राप्त करता येईल.

        टीम मॅक्झिमा

      1. Iam anushka
        Recently take admission for mbbs in kazagishtaan.
        I am nt3 caste student
        Can I get Maharashtra gov scollarship

  3. Is the scholarship available for degrees such as MSc in Engineering Business Management or Engineering Management?

  4. I’m SCHEDULE CASTE student Now I’m pursuing BBA 3rd year through pune University I want to study abroad for MBA when can I do the process for foreign scholarship ? And what is the eligibility and process for this


    Sir , I want to pursue my Phd in abroad. So can you please share the list of top 100 university that are considered in relaxation of income limit to be eligible for this scholarship program ?

  6. Bhavi here, I wanted to ask If I don’t get scholarship in National Overseas Scholarship SC scheme before 31st march , so can I apply for this scheme as I’m a Maharashtra SC resident also ..It’s deadline is in april right ?!

  7. Shrutika Pravin karade

    I am based in Thane .I belong to sc caste and I have appiled in uk for higher studies.How can I apply for this scholarship of government. What are the terms and conditions. Which government office we have to visit for this purpose.

  8. The scholarship scheme still open?
    If yes, could you please provide the link, i searched but wasnt able to find it.
    Appreciate your help!

  9. Where’s the place to get the scholarship application form for the year 2022, from where do I download it?

  10. Where’s the place to get the abroad study scholarship application form for the year 2022, from where do I download it?

  11. Madam/Sir,

    Is there any possibility of scholarship award to candidate admitted to a ‘top foreign university’ for Masters program, but age is more than 35?

  12. Madam/ Sir,
    I am planning to do MS in Business Analytics in Australia, 18 July 2022 intake. and according to the shahu Maharaj scholarship they start taking applications in the mid of may. Can anyone tell me how much time it takes to declare results of the scholarship ? Because I am planning to go via scholarship only as I cannot apply for any loans.

  13. Namdeo Wamanrao Vaidya

    Respected sir,
    My son Shreekant has completed his B. E. (Mechanical engineering) last year. Now he want to complete his M. S. in logistics, supply & management studies from U.K. what is advertisement date of application for schlorship year 2022-2023? He received offer letters from the universities.

    1. Namdeo Wamanrao Vaidya

      Sir, be please to know me that when advertisement of schlorship application to SC students desires for higher education abroad for the year 2022-23 will be published.

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