Anandghar fellowship

Fellowship amount :- 10,000 /-

Last date :- 25 Jan 2023

About fellowship :- Anandghar fellowship is an opportunity for all those who wants to use their knowledge and skills for the betterment of the poorest of the poor. It will take you to an most memorable and satisfying journey of 2 years of your life.

Eligibility Criteria :-
1] One must hold Bachelors Degree for recognized college / University
2] Age Must be between 21 – 35 years old
3] Fellowship is full time, paid commitment to teaching at low-income private schools and community learning centers in Jalgaon city of Maharashtra.
4] Fellows will be full-time staff of the Vardhishnu and will be required to attend all necessary trainings and workshops arranged by the organization.

Note :-
Vardhishnu does not discriminate its fellows on the basis of race, religion, cast, community, creed, geography, ethnical beliefs, socio-economical status etc.

Fellowship duration :-
1] At Vardhishnu, we believe that minimum two-years of commitment is necessary to see the impact we expect on student achievement. Therefore the duration of the fellowship is 2 years subject to fellow performance

Application Link :-

Content details:-
Address :- 22,Nageshwar Colony, Samata Nagar, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India-425002.
Contact no : +91 – 9890336070